Corporate gifts with an impact

Our stainless steel bottles of 250/500 or 750ml come in personalized packaging with your logo and/or message and with Casa Astrid’s logo. Minimum quantity for personalization is 48 pieces per product.

After approval of the design, and receipt of payment, we start production. Delivery time depends on the availability of our extra virgin olive oil.

Discover luxury and sustainability united in our extra virgin olive oil

We invite you to explore a world of refined taste and environmental awareness with our premium gift: the Casa Astrid extra virgin olive oil. This is not just any olive oil; it is a symbol of luxury, an embodiment of the finest selection of Italian olives, carefully pressed to produce an oil rich in flavor and health benefits. Every drop reflects our commitment to quality and purity, fortified with antioxidants that take your well-being to the next level.
But our luxury does not stop at oil. Each Casa Astrid bottle is a work of art in itself, refillable and manufactured with the environment in mind. The unique aspect? Your logo is carefully engraved on each bottle, giving it not only a personal touch, but also ensuring a lasting presence in any kitchen. A paragon of elegance and durability, this bottle symbolizes conscious choice and refined taste.

Choosing Casa Astrid extra virgin olive oil is choosing a story of luxury, health and respect for the planet. This gift is an experience that speaks of exceptional care and quality, meant to be appreciated and remembered long after its last use.

Gift a tangible symbol of luxury and sustainability. Casa Astrid extra virgin olive oil: for moments cherished and memories that last.

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