As true Italy lovers, we dreamed of having our own place in La Bella Italia, where we could grow delicious olive oil under the Italian sun. We fell in love with a beautiful country house in the green hills around Assisi in Umbria.

It was the beginning of a wonderful story….

Jean-Luc Decroo in his olive grove © Lorenzo Tardioli

The centuries-old estate is located in a protected natural area, Monte Subasio, which is under the protection of Unesco heritage. We started the complete renovation and brought the olive grove with its 1750 olive trees back to its original state. Our olive grove consists of 3 varieties, resulting in a very tasty and above all healthy olive oil, typical of our beautiful region.


In the green hills around Assisi

In 2013, we were ready for our first harvest. We gave our friends, family and Italian neighbors a taste of our brand new product and were proud that our olive oil was so well received.

The olive grove, which had been known for years for its pure olive oil, lived up to expectations!


A difficult year

Right away we faced a challenge, as 2014 was a difficult year for Italian olive oil harvests. The trees were affected by Bactrocera olea, an olive fly whose larvae feed on olives. In some regions, yields fell by 75%.

Because quality and purity are paramount to us, we decided not to harvest that year.


Surprisingly tasteful

To be allowed to use the label of extra virgin olive oil, strict guidelines around purity and acidity are imposed. The 2015 crop scored extremely well in all areas, exceeding the stringent standards. To keep our olive oil as healthy, tasty and quality as possible, we always press within 24 hours of harvesting, store the olive oil in steel vats and bottle it in stainless steel bottles, which are kept between 15 and 17 degrees.

Healthy and flavorful olive oil has become a real passion for us. Therefore, we proudly offer you our extra virgin olive oil in refillable bottles of 250, 500 or 750 ml and also in a wide variety of flavors.