Adopt your own olive tree from our orchard and receive freshly pressed Casa Astrid extra virgin olive oil three years in a row. Would you rather give it to someone else as a gift? Can too! By adopting an olive tree you are not only helping nature a little, it is also a surprisingly original gift that you will enjoy for years to come.

How it works.

  1. Easily adopt an olive tree from our orchard
  2. You will receive a beautiful welcome package with a medallion and two bottles of extra virgin olive oil, delivered to your home free of charge.
  3. We engrave a wooden plate with the name you choose and a few weeks later a tree is chosen.

For every adoption of an olive tree, we also provide for the planting of a new olive tree for the next generation. In this way you will create a special sustainable gift and contribute to the tradition of (h)honest artisanal extra virgin olive oil production.

What’s in the price?

  • A Casa Astrid welcome pack
  • A nameplate engraved in wood for on your olive tree
  • Some photos of your olive tree
  • Three years in a row, two fresh bottles of Casa Astrid olive oil delivered to your home, each time around November or December, right after the press.

The perfect gift

In short, adopting an olive tree gives you the perfect gift (for yourself or for someone else). You will receive for three years two times 750 ml of Casa Astrid extra virgin olive oil, delivered to your home immediately after pressing, transport and experience included. For every tree adopted, a new sapling is planted for the next generation.

Would you like to come and visit your tree in Italy? Feel free to contact us and plan a visit.