Hospitality Pack


This extra virgin received the Gold Medal New York 2023 by New York International Olive Oil Council.

The Hospitality pack was created for chefs who want to offer their guests a superior extra virgin. This pack is assembled with 2 Bag in Box of 3 liters of olive oil Originale, 12 empty 250ml stainless steel bottles, 12 silver pour spouts and 12 round wooden bottle holders. Specific conditions for the Hospitality Industry apply, contact us for more details.


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The content of this pack is:

2 x 3 Liter Bag in Box or 6 Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil Originale, best until July 2025

Benefit 1:

The bag in box protects the contents from light and oxygen (besides excessive temperatures the enemies of top extra virgin olive oil).
Unlike canned packaging, the extra virgin in BIB packaging does not come into contact with oxygen.
The BIB packaging of 164 grams is made of recycled cardboard, the “bag” is lightweight, which is good for the environment.
By regularly refilling the bottles with what is consumed, you guarantee a fresh product to your guests.

12 250ml bottles in stainless steel (these are supplied unfilled)

Benefit 2:

Our designer bottles are durable, easily refillable, unbreakable, are washing machine resistant, and reduce the waste of glass bottles, which is good for the environment.
No more risk of breaking a glass bottle in your venue. Always a nice and clean bottle on the table. If you need a new label after a while, we are happy to supply it. The bottles come empty so they can be sealed faster, after filling, with our matching pouring spouts.

Benefit 3:

12 silver pouring spouts

The pour spouts easily dispense the extra virgin and open and close the bottle. This way, you or your guests will lose less time in closing the bottles. This is also important for hygiene.

Benefit 4:

12 round wooden bottle holders

We are currently offering with every order, 12 round wooden bottle holders, so that the set is presented even more beautifully on the table.

Note: These bottles may of course be used for other olive oils, in this case, to protect our reputation, please remove the label with our brand.



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